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Any time is the perfect time for “Striper” fishing at beautiful Lewis Smith Lake. Rock Creek Stripers is owned and operated by Michael Blanks, a full-time guide and Smith Lake Resident who specializes in the Rock Creek, Crooked Creek, and White Oak areas, as well as to the dam and beyond in summer. Michael specializes in the use of light tackle and live shad (year round) for bait, and will pick-up and deliver you and your party back to your dock. Top water at the lake is hot “now”, best at dawn some at dusk.

Charters are available for up to 12 customers, and generally last 6-8 hours. My current boat record for a striper is 37 pounds. The rush is hard to describe and must be experienced. It will make men and women feel like boys and girls again!  To charter an expedition with us, email mike@rockcreekstripers.com, or contact us directly at (205) 613-7808.  Hope to see you at the lake!

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